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Hacks For Room Sharing With Baby From A Veteran Mom

Have Baby Sleep In A Cosleeper
A sidecar-style cosleeper, like the Arm’s Reach Co Sleeper, is like a bassinet that anchors up to the side of your bed. It has three walls and one open side to create a sort of extension. This is a safe way to cosleep and works really well for breastfeeding while laying down or for c-section mothers that struggle with the nighttime up and downs.

This style of cosleeper is also relatively small and unobtrusive since it only takes up space on one side of your bed. The downside is that it isn’t a long-term sleeping space for your baby once they start to roll over. Nonetheless, if you decide you want your baby to sleep apart from you, you can put up the fourth wall and use it like a bassinet. Your baby will outgrow it entirely, though, in a few months.