The 20 Best Maternity Products For Moms In 2019

Every mom-to-be needs these highly rated maternity products in 2019.

Whether you are a new or seasoned mom, when it comes to the best maternity products, the search for the perfect ones to fit your needs can be daunting when you already have enough on your mind. I thought when I got pregnant with my second son I would know all I needed to know about maternity products and what I might want and need.

But I was wrong.

My two pregnancies, just like my two little guys, could not have been more different. Many of the products I needed for morning sickness, achy joints, and healthy skin with my second pregnancy were not the same as my first. Even more frustrating, a few of the products I counted on during my first pregnancy, didn’t really work for me the second time around. When I was pregnant with my second, I had a very active (and wild!) toddler who constantly needed me and no time to figure out which products to try in order to bring some much needed comfort. This is why I relied so heavily on curated top maternity product lists, such as the one below, created by moms just like me who wanted to help others find maternity products that bring relief and comfort.

With new and ingenious maternity products being created and released all the time, there are more products available to moms-to-be than ever before as we enter into 2019. And based on the top rated products I have found, it looks like product designers are listening to moms all around the world as we are saying the most important thing to us is having comfort without sacrificing style, and relaxation wherever we can get it. With Hygge-style living and coziness being the hot topics and desirable design techniques of the moment, moms-to-be are practically surrounded by comfort-curated maternity products — both the new as well as the faithful go-tos.

The list I have created below of the top 20 best maternity products to buy in 2019 should help moms find toprated and highly-reviewed products either they didn’t know they needed or weren’t sure which ones to consider purchasing.

Prenatal Gift Boxes by Trimester

Each trimester brings with it the various joys and pains of growing a human inside your own body. Receiving a box full of trimester-specific, specially curated goodies not only gives moms-to-be the joy of unboxing a surprise, but is a great way for them to try items they may not have heard of or considered before. Bump Box offers some of the most popular new, as well as tried-and-true, maternity products for prenatal women and moms of newborns. Their first trimester box provides products which focus on combating the all too common nausea and exhaustion many moms feel in the first few months of pregnancy, while the 2nd trimester box offers products for growing bellies, good rest, and getting to know baby. The third trimester box is all about relaxing and getting ready for baby to arrive with goodies to give aching feet and legs some much-needed TLC. They even offer a new mom box which contains products designed to pamper exhausted new mamas.

Bump Box Pregnancy Gift Boxes, $49.99, Amazon

Under the Bump Pregnancy Panties

When you have a growing baby bump, your pre-pregnancy underwear can only go so far. Literally. Between the too-tight elastic bands or the bunching of too much fabric under your bump, trying to make regular undies work your entire pregnancy only creates more discomfort during a time when discomfort is enemy number one. Thankfully, the folks at Gift Pocket created a multi-pack of 95 percent cotton, 5 percent spandex under-belly panties which are not only adorable, but are most importantly comfortable. Breathable fabrics which can stretch without warping are the holy grail of maternity products and these Amazon top-rated undies, which sit comfortably below your baby bump, fit the bill.

GIFTPOCKET Women's Under Bump Maternity Panties, $10.99 - $21.50, Amazon

Pregnancy Pillow Wedge

As bellies grow, moms-to-be need more and more support in order to sleep and stay comfortable. Enter the memory foam pillow wedge by hiccapop. Not only is this popular bump-supporter travel friendly, it also gives moms options as far as the firmness they are looking for. One side is more firm and the other softer in order to provide for all of mama’s needs throughout her pregnancy. The washable plush pillow case offers an extra layer of comfort to the breathable, cooling wedge pillow below.  As if that weren’t enough, hiccapop offers a lifetime guarantee on all their maternity products. If you are someone who finds the full-body pregnancy pillows too large or cumbersome, then this wedge pillow is for you.

hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow Wedge, $23, Amazon

Pregnancy Activity Book

When the pre-baby stress gets to be too much, laughter really is the best medicine. If we can’t laugh a bit at our swollen ankles, random gas pains, and strangers touching our bellies in public, then what can we laugh at? Jordan Reid and Erin Williams, two moms themselves, have created the perfect maternity product and guaranteed laugh-maker for moms-to-be. Each hilarious page is filled with enough fun activities to last for her entire pregnancy. If irreverent word-finds and sarcastic mazes (who knew there could be such a thing?) are your jam, then look no further than this 40-week activity book

Jordan Reid and Erin William’s The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People, $10.87, Amazon

Cocoa and Shea Butter Body Lotion

As baby grows and stretches, so does our skin. Many moms-to-be are concerned about stretch marks and there is no better product for prevention than the tried and true — and highly-rated — Palmer’s Cocoa Butter. Not only does it smell like chocolate, but the lotion version of this well-known formula goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly. One of the not-often-discussed benefits of using cocoa butter on our baby bumps beyond stretch mark prevention, is for relief from itchy, dry skin caused by stretching bellies and hormonal changes. Applied several times a day, this product has shown to lessen stretch marks. Of course, this versatile lotion can also be used all over the body for soft, yummy-smelling skin as a moisturizer or can also be used as a massage lotion for aching legs and feet.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion, $15.52, Amazon

Maternity Lower Back and Support Belt

As I neared the end of my pregnancy, all I wanted was someone to carry my large (and very in charge), belly around for me so my hips and back could get some much needed relief. Since that wasn’t possible, I did the next best thing. I got Babo Care’s easy and comfortable to wear maternity support belt. The adjustable velcro band makes this belt easy to use and the “skin friendly”, breathable material allows for discreet comfortable wear all day — including during exercise. This highly-rated product provides the kind of support moms-to-be need most and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well as over 600 5-star reviews on Amazon.

Babo Care Maternity Belly Band, $19.99, Amazon

Prenatal Yoga DVD

Speaking of aching joints, another great way to get relief for overloaded muscles and joints during pregnancy is prenatal yoga. Prenatal yoga is different from traditional styles of yoga in that it ensures moms-to-be only do positions which are healthy and safe for both mom and baby. Yoga Instructor/actress Desi Bartlett has created a 45-minute prenatal DVD for beginners and experts alike, which leads students through various positions while soft, relaxing music plays. Along with the physical benefits of practicing yoga is learning techniques that provide stress and anxiety relief — something all moms need. Many reviewers have mentioned the techniques learned in this video helped them during labor and beyond.

Desi Bartlett Prenatal Yoga DVD, $7.25, Amazon

Maternity Basic Tank Top

What is better than a comfortable maternity tank top? How about one that is affordable, versatile, and 95% cotton? This adorable tank top from Oh Mama! comes in various colors, is available in plus size, and grows with your baby bump throughout all trimesters of pregnancy and beyond. (Am I the only one who still wears her maternity tank tops even years after being pregnant?). The best part is you can wear this side-ruched little number alone or layered beneath a sweater or jean jacket. At less than $10 a pop you can own every color and be fashion ready no matter how many hot flashes hit you.

Oh Mama! Basic Tank with Side Ruching, $6.50, Walmart

Baby Bump Speakers

If you want to get a jumpstart on making sure your offspring is a Beatles fan, then you will need to start playing Hey Jude to your belly long before baby makes their debut. Studies have shown babies can hear sounds in utero and respond to music or the voices around them and find them calming both in the womb as well as after they are born. In order to make sure your future progeny is able to hear the sound of the songs or voices you want them to hear, Olababy has created a highly rated earbud adaptor system which allows you to use your existing Apple or Samsung earbuds to create mini attachable belly speakers. Other systems can be very costly, but the Bellytunes system is as affordable as it portable. They are applied using reusable adhesive, but many reviewers said they preferred to hold them in place with a shirt or belly band. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy soothing tunes with your baby even before you have them in your arms.

Olababy Bellytunes Prenatal Ear Bud Adapter System, $19.95, Amazon

Morning Sickness Tea

When nausea strikes, and for many moms-to-be it does, it’s good to be ready with a remedy which brings relief and is inexpensive and easy to use. Pills can be hard to swallow when you are already feeling sick, candy can contain too much sugar, and foods can be difficult to eat. But one of the easiest remedies for many moms is to take slow sips of delicately flavored ginger tea. Pink Stork has created not only a delicious and effective ginger and black ceylon morning sickness tea that combats nausea and constipation, but it has done so while making it with biodegradable tea sachets, 100% organic, non-GMO, and caffeine free. While there is no miracle cure for morning sickness, having some relief you can count on is worth every penny.

Pink Stork Morning Sickness Tea, $11.39, Amazon

Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

As baby grows, so does mama-to-be’s need for all-over body support as she sleeps and rests. With PharMeDoc’s Full Body C-shaped Pregnancy Pillow you get a head-to-toe support system which will help her get that elusive good nights sleep she so desperately wants and needs. This updated 2019 model offers improved double stitching making it one of the strongest and most durable pregnancy pillows on the market. The 100 percent cotton Jersey knit cover is easily removable and washable which makes caring for this cloud-like pillow a breeze. The best news is this versatile pillow isn’t just for sleeping. It can be used as a back support to sit upright in bed to read or watch TV and can be used after baby arrives for a comfortable way to support baby while breast or bottle feeding. Both the newer and previous model have rave reviews on Amazon from mamas who love this pillow and recommend it to their friends and family.

PharMeDoc Full Body C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow, $39.95, Amazon

Inflatable Maternity Raft

One of the more difficult parts of pregnancy is not being able to lie on your tummy once your baby bump shows up. This is especially challenging for mamas who are typically tummy sleepers. Which is why everyone is going crazy over Holo’s inflatable maternity pillow raft that allows you can lie on your tummy for a short amount of time whether on land or water in order to get some relief for your hips and back. This easy-to-inflate raft makes traveling simple, so you can take it anywhere. Along with commenting about how this maternity product was one of their favorite purchases, several mamas mentioned in their reviews they used a cotton bed sheet over the raft when not using it in the water in order to keep the raft from sticking to their skin. This raft is an ingenious way for mamas-to-be to be able to lay on their tummy to read or watch TV without worrying about putting pressure on their baby bump.

Holo Inflatable Pregnancy Pillow Raft, $59.95, Amazon

Maternity Leggings

One thing most pregnant women will be able to agree on is pants are overrated. At least during the last trimester of pregnancy when almost all clothing feels like it’s too tight, constricting, and hot. This is why having a great pair of maternity leggings that grow with you as your baby bump grows is an essential maternity item. These seamless leggings from Mothers Essentials are not only supportive for your growing belly, but are also made of moisture wicking material to keep you dry and comfortable not matter the weather or occasion. According to reviews, these leggings, which come in brown and black, are true to pre-pregnancy size and are a favorite worn all throughout pregnancy.

Mother’s Essentials Maternity Leggings, $18, Amazon

Prenatal Cookbook

Advice is one thing any mom-to-be will not be short on, but which advice to take and which to leave can be difficult to know. This can be especially challenging when it comes to knowing what to eat throughout your pregnancy. We know mamas feel better when they get all the nutrition they need for their hardworking bodies and growing babies, but finding the time to plan a menu and prepare meals can seem very daunting when you are already exhausted. This is why Jennifer Lang, MD and Dana Angelo White MS RD came together to create a week-by-week pregnancy nutrition guide, which includes recipes for mamas who want to eat healthy but don’t always know how to do it. With a forward by Jessica Alba, actress and founder of the Honest Company, and 4 star reviews by over a hundred happy customers, The Whole 9 Months is one of the most popular new prenatal books sold on Amazon. And for under $15, this is a deal that can’t be beat.

Jennifer Lang, MD, Dana Angelo White, MD RD, The Whole 9 Months: A Week-by-Week Pregnancy Nutrition Guide with Recipes for a Healthy Start, $11, Amazon

Relief Band for Nausea and Vomiting

There are some mamas who never experience any nausea, queasiness, or vomiting throughout their entire pregnancy, but they are as rare as a newborn who sleeps through the night. For many of us, at some point during our pregnancy, most likely during the first trimester, we experience morning sickness (or for some of us all day and night sickness) which makes daily life difficult. If you are looking for relief that works and doesn’t involve medication, look no further than the Relief Band. This FDA-approved, clinically-proven product is fast acting, easy to use, and best of all, doesn’t cause drowsiness. The relief band was created for use in hospitals to relieve postoperative nausea and works by altering nerve activity by using gentle pulses on the underside of the wrist. This patented method essentially “turns off” the feelings of nausea in your stomach by using the nervous system to tell your brain to stop sending signals to your stomach which make you feel queasy. And with 536 customer reviews and a 4 star rating on Amazon, it seems clear this device does what it claims to do. One reviewers said, “I have horrible morning sickness (more like all day sickness) with so much nausea. I couldn't take it anymore and ordered this band. This is AWESOME! it does not completely knock out the morning sickness, but I'd say it's 80% gone and has stopped my gagging and vomiting completely. I feel like functioning human again and it is wonderful. I highly recommend this to expectant mothers!!!!”

Relief Band Motion Sickness and Nausea Reducing Band, $79.95, Amazon

Prenatal Vitamins

Every mom-to-be is told to start taking a daily prenatal vitamin as soon as possible, preferably even before baby is conceived if you are actively trying to get pregnant. With so many prenatal vitamins out there, how are you supposed to know which one to take? Every women is different and therefore her prenatal needs and vitamin preferences will be different as well, but you can’t go wrong with one of the highest-rated prenatal vitamins on the market. New Chapter has created a prenatal multivitamin which has no added sugar, includes ginger to help with morning sickness, Folate to help with baby’s brain development, 100 percent daily value of non-constipating iron, has organic veggies, is non-GMO, vegetarian, and as if that all isn’t enough, uses fermentation to help make the vitamin 100% digestible.  These can be taken on an empty stomach or with food which is great news for mamas who suffer with morning sickness and queasiness. In order to get the DHA recommended by doctors, you will still need to take a vitamin containing DHA as this one, like most prenatal vitamins, does not have it included, but the good news is that New Chapter also has a highly rated vitamin with DHA.  

New Chapter Prenatal Multivitamin, $23 for 96 tablets, Amazon

Maternity Sweater

In the cool months ahead, it is essential to have a comfortable sweater which can be worn with leggings, sweats, or jeans. This adorable Ingrid and Isabel French terry cloth cowl-neck sweater from Target is 80% cotton and has body flattering side ruching. With this lightweight, yet warm material, this pull over is versatile for all season wear and runs from size XS to XXL.

Ingrid and Isabel Maternity Sweater, $24.99, Target

Stability Ball

One of my favorite products to have during childbirth was my stability ball, but I loved it even more before baby was born because I was able to use it to get relief for my back and hip pain. As my belly grew, the pressure on my lower back did as well. Sitting on the stability ball at my desk while I worked or watched TV helped give pressure relief to my lower back and helped stretch the ligaments in my overworked hips. I would also use the stability ball to practice different laboring positions so I would be ready to utilize it during labor once baby was ready to make his debut. It was also wonderful to have after baby arrived when I needed to sit without too much pressure on my bottom and when I was ready to start exercising again. This package contains the stability ball, hand pump, ball plug and instructions manual. The ball has an anti-slip, anti-burst design so you can feel safe trusting the integrity of the high quality construction. When choosing the right size ball for you, you can use the handy guide available on the product page.

Smarter Life Products Stability Ball, $12.97 - $25.97, Amazon

Waistband Extender

It can take some time for a mama-to-be’s baby bump to make it’s debut, but there does come a point when her growing belly needs a little more breathing room than her non-maternity pants are able to give. Having a waistband extender like the one created by Maeband Maternity is an economical, convenient, and comfortable way to utilize all your non-maternity pants throughout your entire pregnancy. Some mamas never buy maternity clothes at all and the use of waistband extenders like this one is how they do it. The band works by using soft cotton material and Velcro to temporarily turn your regular button-and-zip pants into maternity pants. You simply leave your pants unbuttoned or unzipped at the top to create space and then loop the Maeband through your belt loops and attach the sides together with the Velcro where you are most comfortable. This handy little piece of fabric can be used throughout pregnancy and after baby arrives to give your tummy all the room it needs without having to buy new clothing. In order to pick the right Maeband size for you, measure the distance between your two front belt loops and use the size guide on their product page. This product is hand-washed and line-dried in order to prevent shrinking and the Velcro from sticking to the other clothing in the wash.

Maeband Maternity Maternity Waistband Extender, $21.95, Amazon

Maternity/Nursing Bra

Bumps aren’t the only part of a mom-to-be’s body that needs more growing room. As your bodacious boobies grow in preparation to feed baby, the bras with wires and skinny, non-supportive straps will have to go. If you have to buy new bras anyway, you might as well buy some that will go from maternity wear to breastfeeding-ready once baby arrives. This amazing soft, yet supportive Maternity and Nursing bra from Kindred Bravely is made of 90% organic cotton and goes from day to night in style and comfort. This bra is available in sizes xs- xxl as well as a wide variety of beautiful colors.

Kindred Bravely Maternity/Nursing Bra, $29.99, Amazon

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