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I May Never Have A Son, And That's OK

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The question of “should we have a third” has been looming large in my household over the past few months, and while I can’t say that my husband and I have officially reached a decision, there’s no doubt I think often about whether we’d have a boy or a girl if we do ever have a third child.

To be honest, the odds of me having a boy seem very, very low. I have two beautiful girls already, and I am one of three girls. My mom is also one of three girls, my sister has two girls, and the list of my cousins who’ve had girls goes on and on. While they say the male is the one who determines a baby’s gender, I just don’t see how my potential third child could be anything but female.
I do have pangs of sadness at the idea that I might never have an adorable little boy that plays in Little League and wears baby bow ties, but there are actually many reasons why I know I’ll be perfectly happy if I never have a son. Let's take a look.