The 20 Best Baby Onesies Of 2021

These are the best baby onesies of 2021 in 20 different holiday and occasion categories.

Out of all the types of infant clothing, perhaps the most under-appreciated is the baby onesie. Seriously, though, where would parents even be without this infant wardrobe staple? We’d probably be busy constantly pulling down tiny baby shirts to cover our little one’s cold bellies, that’s what. And figuring out how to remove a spit-up-covered or post-blowout-saturated shirt — without getting gross bodily fluids all over our babies’ faces/hair. It wouldn’t be pretty and it certainly wouldn’t be fun.

Enter: The always-dependable baby onesie. The snaps at the bottom keep our babies covered and warm, while also allowing easy diaper access. And if your little one spits up or poops up and out of the back of his diaper? Simply pull the baby onesie down and off, and you won’t have to fret about getting his face soiled during the cleanup process.

Oh, and did I mention how versatile baby onesies are? During a hot summer day, for example, your baby can simply wear a short-sleeved or sleeveless onesie — and that’s an outfit all in itself. You can also pair baby onesies with shorts, skirts, pants, tutus, or overalls to complete an outfit. During the cold winter months, long-sleeved baby onesies are the way to go. And surprise, surprise: Baby onesies just so happen to be fantastic for layering, too.

As I've learned through having four babies of my own, you really can’t go wrong with a baby onesie. With that said, there are definitely some super adorable options out there that you don't want to miss. So if you're in the market for the absolute cutest baby onesies for every occasion and season, then I've got you covered.

Without further ado, let's take a look at the 20 best onesies of 2021. (Be sure to bookmark this page for future reference!)

1. Best Dressy Onesie

Certain occasions call for getting your baby dressed up. And while dresses or pants-and-shirt outfits can get the job done, a dress outfit with a onesie just makes things so much easier. This $18.99 HMD Baby Boy Gentleman White Shirt Bowtie Tuxedo Onesie Jumpsuit is both adorable and practical. Between the suspenders and the bowtie, I'm not sure what my favorite part is.

2. Best Christmas Onesie

Nothing says, "It's Christmas!" like dressing your little one up in a cute little elf suit, right? This Carter's two-piece Christmas onesie and hat set comes in sizes newborn all the way up to 24 months  — and would look simply adorable on a baby boy or a baby girl. (Note: The price varies, depending on size.) I like this particular set because it isn't a full-on Santa suit that your baby would get too hot or itchy in. And the hat? It just sets the whole thing off. So grab this adorable Christmas baby onesie and a camera because you're going to want to remember this.

3. Best Thanksgiving Onesie

This "My First Turkey Day" onesie is the perfect way to mark your baby's very first Thanksgiving Day. The white onesie with brown and orange print and graphics comes with Thanksgiving-print leggings, as well as a hat and a bow. (So you can use either head covering or neither; whatever works for you.) This set is $14.99 and sure to be the source of many "awww"s while feasting on turkey, stuffing and potatoes with family.

4. Best Halloween Onesie

It's always fun to commemorate each of your baby's firsts as they come around. So why not mark your little one's first Oct. 31 with this absolutely adorable Halloween mummy onesie set? And the best part is that this onesie set can also double as a comfy first Halloween costume for your little one! You can snag this set on Amazon, with the price varying by size.

5. Best Plain White Onesie

Because babies are naturally so messy — due to spitting up and because of diaper blowouts — you can expect to go through more than one outfit per day on most days. For this reason, it's a good idea to have plenty of baby onesies on standby. And plain, white onesies are where it's at. (Especially when it comes to layering; you're not going to see the bottom layer anyway.) This five-pack of white Gerber Baby onesies will definitely get parents started on building that baby onesie stash.

6. Best Valentine's Day Onesie

Although your baby is too young to appreciate Valentine's Day with chocolates and cards, that doesn't mean she still can't celebrate with a festive onesie — or three! This three-pack of Little Star Organic onesies is just $8.94 at Walmart. It features two baby onesies with different heart prints and one polka-dotted onesie with two hearts on the front that read, "XOXO" and "BAE." Your little sweetheart will look simply darling in any of these onesies on Feb. 14.

7. Best Easter Onesie

Whether you have a baby boy or a baby girl, I think you'll agree that this long-sleeved, hooded onesie with bunny ears screams "Easter." In addition to the festive Easter Bunny ears, the back of this baby onesie also features a cotton tail. It's $11 on Amazon — and the perfect outfit for an irresistible Easter morning photoshoot, if you ask me.

8. Best St. Patrick’s Day Onesie 

Dressing your baby in this adorable "too cute to pinch" St. Patrick's Day onesie from Amazon is one way for him or her to avoid getting pinched on March 17. (Or perhaps it's a way to guarantee their little cheeks get pinched because he's so darn adorable.) The stripes and shamrocks hat or bow combo make this outfit extra sweet. Ahhh!

9. Best Super Hero Onesie

Why choose a single super hero baby onesie when your baby have one for every day of the workweek? This Marvel five-pack of baby onesies features Spiderman, Iron Man, The Hulk, and Captain America — along with a fifth baby onesie that includes all four of these super heroes. The set is $29.99 on Amazon.

10. Best Fourth of July Onesie

Whether you're heading off to a family cookout, a parade, or fireworks on July 4, having a festive outfit for your baby's first Independence Day is a fun way to show your patriotic side. This stars and stripes onesie set is a seriously cute option. If it's a particularly hot summer day, the short sleeves of this onesie will definitely come in handy. Or, you can pair with with the star-print hat to complete the look. It's just $6.99 on Amazon.

11. Best Borderline Inappropriate Onesie

If your little one is breastfed and you have a particular sense of humor, then this is the perfect baby onesie. It reads, "I'm not just milk drunk I'm tit faced," and the play on words is bound to elicit plenty of chuckles. It's $10.99 on Amazon.

12. Best Onesie Inspired By A Viral YouTube Video

Okay, okay. I know this category is oddly specific — but I had to find some way to include this ridiculously amazing shark onesie. Because it's giving off some serious "Baby Shark" (doo doo do-do do-do) vibes.

13. Best Disney Onesie

I mean, what says "Disney" better than Minnie Mouse herself? This Disney's Minnie Mouse graphic bodysuit set by Jumping Beans is too perfect. The short-sleeved baby onesie features Minnie on the front, while the colorful pants and bow sport a Minnie print as well. This set is regularly priced at $20 at Kohl's.

14. Best Book-Inspired Onesie

J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series is one of the most beloved of all time. Between the sorting hat and wand graphics, Harry's signature glasses on the onesie itself and the the Gryffindor-inspired colors on the pants and hat, this "Snuggle this Muggle" baby onesie set is a must-have for any fan.

15. Best Inspirational Onesies

Inspirational quotes are extremely common to put on baby onesies, but I love the simplicity of this Amazon set, which comes with sweet patterned onesies and onesies with sayings like "I am the future" and "be kind." You can't get much more inspirational than that.

16. Best Organic Onesie

Made with 100-percent organic cotton, this Gerber five-pack of short-sleeve organic onesies is $14.99 on Amazon. It's perfect for environmentally-conscious parents and for parents of babies with sensitive skin. 

17. Best Gamer Onesie

Gamer parents who are expecting their first child can use this "Player 3 has joined the game" baby onesie to announce their big news. Then, once the little one arrives, he/she can actually wear it!

18. Best Fairytale Onesie

A baby onesie that doubles as a low-key mermaid costume? Yes, please! This Izzy & Owie mermaid tail onesie is not only adorable, but it makes for even easier diaper access than snap-up baby bodysuits. It's $26.99 plus shipping on Amazon.

19. Best Feminist Onesie

Whether you have a son or a daughter, everyone can get behind the idea of equal rights and opportunities for all. Dressing your baby in this "Little Feminist' onesie is a simple and easy way of letting others know the values you're raising your child to have. It's $28 on Amazon.

20. Best Birthday Onesie

Last, but not least, this first birthday onesie is ideal for wearing to your child's first birthday party or first birthday photoshoot. It's gender-neutral, and can be dressed up with a bow tie, head band, tutu — or however you'd like to customize the look. As with your child's bright future, the possibilities are endless!

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