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Signs You Have A Tweenager Living With You

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You don't need to be a detective to follow these clues, but the transition to tween might have happened without you even realizing it. If you feel like you might have a moody stranger that looks like your kid in your house, you may have a tween.

The tween years are a transitional phase between being a child and a teenager. It is a relatively short part of our children's lives, but it can feel like forever. Though some kids skip the whole tween attitude business and hop from childhood to teenage years without a care, some kids seem to drag out their tween angst for as long as they can. 

The key for parents in surviving this stage is to tap in to your reserve of patience and ride out the bumps. If you can find a way to appreciate the parts of your kid that are still young and innocent as well as their new young adult qualities, all the better. And if it is rough going, just know that this too shall pass.