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20 Items New Moms Can't Live Without

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Figuring out just what you need for your new little one is a full time job in itself. There a hundreds of different cribs, diaper bags, changing tables, and more... how is a newbie supposed to narrow it down to just the right fit for them and their soon-to-be-born little one!?

Stress no more mama, we've got THE list for you. These 20 items are the must-haves for your precious newborn, complete with the exact brand we love and rely on (and shoppable link ready to go). No need to get bogged down with all the billions of lists out there; you can be confident with this baby right here.

From a super safe - and chic - crib to the swaddles we swear by (and when it comes to sleep, we've tried it all), these are the goodies you need in your nursery. 

Take a deep breath and look no further.