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Things You Should And Shouldn't Say To An Adoptive Family

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People are naturally intrigued when they hear a family has adopted. After all, most of what we know about adoption comes from television, movies, and second hand stories. So when we have an opportunity to look at adoption up close and personal, all our curious questions and preconceived notions spill out.

For adoptive parents, the well-meaning questions and comments can be exhausting at best, and heart-breaking at worse. As much as we treasure our adoption journeys, we don’t want to be defined by them. We are parents that love our children, and adoption is just part of our story.

I’m not suggesting that you tiptoe around the subject of adoption. Most of the time, parents can’t wait to sing its praises. An ounce of sensitivity will go a long way, though.

Let's take a look at some of the most commonly frustrating things that we hear as adoptive parents.