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Travel Secrets For Babymooning On A Budget

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Look, babies are expensive. Giving birth, depending on your insurance, can be a huge investment. All that baby gear can add up quickly. So while a babymoon is a really lovely idea, it can seem too costly to add to the mounting budget. But there are lots of ways to make babymooning possible and absolutely enjoyable. 

Before we had kids, my husband and I traveled from our home in Dublin around Europe regularly. Not unlike traveling around the United States for long weekends, we managed to visit some of the best European cities and towns on the cheap. And for us, there was something way more satisfying about traveling that way. We aren't terribly fancy, but also aren't the types to couch surf or even stay in hostels, so we found a whole bunch of ways to make travel cheaper with just a little bit of advance research. 

The same goes for a babymoon, especially if you don't have any kids at home yet. You can be flexible about when you travel and can cater all of your choices to your budget. Using these tips, you can definitely make babymooning relaxing and enjoyable — without breaking the bank.